Turnaround Services

Turnarounds are scheduled periods where an entire plant is shut down for routine inspection and maintenance. While they are incredibly important for maintaining the overall health of a facility, turnarounds can be extremely costly in terms of downtime and lost production.

A turnaround inspection program typically involves several steps:

  1. Pre-turnaround planning
  2. Pre-turnaround inspections
  3. Turnaround execution
  4. Post-turnaround documentation

Sentinel Integrity Solutions provides comprehensive turnaround services. Sentinel has an extremely innovative approach to our turnaround inspection services. We provide the highest quality turnaround solutions while reducing a facility’s turnaround contract inspection costs by 33%. We can provide you with leading oil company references upon your request, so you can be assured we are not wasting your time or money.

All turnaround inspection teams are not created equal, and we pride ourselves in proving this.

Turnaround Services FAQ

Have questions about hiring inspectors for your turnaround? Here are questions commonly asked about Sentinel inspectors for turnarounds and projects. How qualified are your inspectors and technicians? We have inspectors and technicians that have anywhere from 30 years’ experience to …

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Turnaround QA/QC Services

Sentinel’s API or AWS certified inspectors are experienced in the quality assurance of fabrication shop surveillance, making sure that shop fabrication processes are up to the client’s standards. Our inspectors are experienced in the quality assurance of any outside mechanical contractors.  We …

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Post-Turnaround Documentation

Once the turnaround is complete, and all of the inspections, repairs, and replacements have been performed, facility operators will have tremendous amounts of data on their hands. This data needs to be documented and organized properly to ensure that future work is performed on the right equipment …

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Turnaround Inspections

Inspections are an integral part of all turnarounds and should be conducted for a number of reasons. The main reason is that, without high quality inspections, damaged equipment may continue to go unnoticed and eventually fail unexpectedly during regular operations. This not only could be detriment…

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Pre-Turnaround Inspections

Pre-turnaround inspections are an important part of any turnaround, and should be completed during the turnaround planning process. A proper pre-turnaround inspection can save a facility a substantial amount of money during the turnaround in the long run. The best time to begin a pre-turnaroun…

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Turnaround Planning

Turnarounds are costly in terms of lost production. They can often be more complicated than the initial construction of the facility, especially if they are poorly planned.  For this reason, a well-thought out turnaround plan is vital for reducing costs to the facility, both in money and time. …

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