Sentinel Integrity Solutions Inc. to Utilize Eddyfi's SHARCK Nondestructive Examination Tool, First of Its Kind in North America

We are excited to announce the addition of Eddyfi’s SHARCK™ probe to its nondestructive testing technology offerings.

Sentinel Integrity Solutions has invested heavily in technology, utilizing the most advanced Surface Eddy Current equipment and technology for its surface examinations. Sentinel is the first company in North America to utilize the SHARCK probe, and currently one of only three companies using the tool worldwide.

The SHARCK probe pairs up with Eddyfi’s Ectane ® E128RNMI test instrument, providing the capability to perform simple examinations with common weld probes, as well as more complex Eddy Current Array probe configurations. The data is displayed in three different views; an X-Y display for depth sizing, a C-scan display for identifying detects and length measurements, and an isometric three-dimensional view for optimal defect characterization.

The SHARCK probe is able to accurately detect and measure the length and depth of longitudinal and transverse surface-breaking cracks in carbon steel welds.  Spring-loaded “keys” adapt to weld crowns so that the probe can scan heat-affected zones (HAZ), toes, and caps of welds in a single pass. The instrument has proven to be up to 10 times faster than other electromagnetic testing techniques.

“We’re excited to see how the SHARCK technology will evolve over time to become a superior inspection method over other conventional techniques” stated Chuck Provost, Louisiana Division Manager of Sentinel Integrity Solutions.

Additional advantages to the probe are examination speeds of up to 100 feet of weld per hour, the ability to accommodate weld crowns “as is,” minimal requirements for surface preparation, inspection through coatings up to 1/8” thick, and the capability to fully record all inspection data retrieved.

Sentinel Integrity Solutions, Inc. is a full service inspection company, providing a comprehensive suite of inspection support services to the petroleum (upstream, midstream, and downstream operations), chemical, and power industries.

For more information about Sentinel Integrity Solutions and the SHARCK nondestructive examination tool, please contact Jon Konerza at

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