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Sentinel Integrity Solutions - Expands It’s Advanced Services Group

Sentinel Integrity Solutions expands our capabilities in the Advanced NDE Group with the hiring of Justin Lecourias and several key people.

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Happy Anniversary to our Tubing Division

Jon Konerza On the 10th anniversary of our Tubing Division’s launch we are so proud of the work done and the team we have built. With many of the original team members still on board, our tubing division prides itself on a low turnover rate and happy employees, a reflection of Sentinel Integrity …

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Safety Concerns Revolving Around Inspection Activities

Establish an analytical procedure for the execution of your tasks. Perform the last-minute risk assessment for every task and you will quickly realize that you will find yourself identifying hazards without putting much effort into it.

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Preparing for an Intrusive Inspection

The cost to ensure equipment performs optimally comes in many shapes and forms. It takes teams of people that have distinct roles and responsibilities and all of them must be carefully coordinated, including planning, operations, inspections, and maintenance.

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Mechanical Integrity Compliance

For about 25 years companies have been trying to answer two major questions about mechanical integrity compliance: What do we need to do in order to comply; and where do we start on the road to compliance?

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The Inspector's Approach to Turnaround Execution: Proactive vs. Reactive

Anyone who has been around the turnaround inspection business long enough has surely been exposed to the two primary schools of thought for turnaround inspectors regarding our activity and participation level. I would like to take a moment to discuss them both and hopefully demonstrate why only one is truly correct.

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Inspection Documentation and Reporting

Just about every inspector has the ability to find issues or discrepancies while performing inspections. Alternatively, very few inspectors are proficient at documenting and reporting those findings in a detailed, quantifiable manner. The quality of reports is vital to the success of any Process Safety Management (PSM) system. These records are maintained throughout the service life of the equipment and will be used to plan for future inspection methods and inspection intervals.

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Read Sentinel's Introductory Refractory Article Published in Inspectioneering Journal

Our resident experts recently authored "What is Refractory? Its Uses / Installation Methods / Anchoring Systems" in Inspectioneering Journal, a reputable industry trade publication.

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Leadership and Mentoring of Young Inspectors

Throughout my career as an inspector and manager I’ve been fortunate to work with inspectors, engineers and metallurgists that provided their time and experience to mold me into the professional that I am today. Without question, this has given me the necessary tools to have a successful career.

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The Evolution of Tubing Inspection Technologies - More Coils Means Better Data

Technologies throughout our world have evolved at an ever increasing rate. Tubing inspection technology is no exception to this. Over the last 3 to 5 years we have experienced a dramatic change in the quality and type of tubing inspection data collected.

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Performing Cursory External Vessel Inspections during Turnaround

It may be surprising to some, but external inspections are typically not a mandated requirement for a turnaround inspector. This is due to several factors. A facility may have an RBI based interval, or even a calendar based interval that reaches its inspection due date during the typical unit run.

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Addition of Radiographic Testing (RT) to our list of nondestructive testing services

By offering film-based and digital radiography services and utilizing state of the art equipment, in addition to our already extensive selection of NDE services, Sentinel Integrity Solutions continues to further elevate its ability to provide quality personnel and professional services to all of its clients throughout the United States.

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Sentinel Integrity Solutions Inc. to Utilize Eddyfi's SHARCK Nondestructive Examination Tool, First of Its Kind in North America

Sentinel Integrity Solutions has invested heavily in technology, utilizing the most advanced Surface Eddy Current equipment and technology for its surface examinations. Sentinel is the first company in North America to utilize the SHARCK probe, and currently one of only three companies using the tool worldwide.

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